Original Soure Lime Shower Gel Review:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be reviewing another product from the Original Soure range, i am under no obligation to write this review as this is a product i purchased myself.


The Original Source shower gel’s are in most store’s and a wide range available to at a very reasonable price. Since i have created my beauty blog price is the least important to me if i find a product that work’s and suit’s my skin i would pay £1’s or £100’s and the same with shower gel’s i do not buy the Original Source product’s because they are cheap just the fact there is a range of flavour’s that i love.

I have recently reviewed the raspberry and vanilla shower gel and prior to my review i purchased the hand wash which is just as nice! this week i have been trying the lime flavour which again is a big hit i was never keen on lime’s (the fruit) or scented lime product’s either so i was little apprehensive about trying this but i do not no why i had any doubt’s as this is another fantastic product.

Original source shower gel’s are 100% natural fragrance’s and all bottle’s are recycled the lime bottle is made with real lime’s and 40 real lime’s where jammed into this zingy shower gel. The scent is not too overpowering and leave’s you feeling refreshed after a nice hot bath which is certainly how i want to feel.


Overall i do like the lime shower gel and have already purchased another 5 it is the type of product that you could simply eat because it smell’s so nice! i am forever hearing lovely review’s and feedback from friend’s about product’s they have tried from Original Source and it really help’s me what to purchase next the shower gel’s retail at £2.35 but can be on a fantastic offer sometime’s for £1 or less! as i stated at the beginning of my review price is not the first thing i look for if the product is worth the month and suit’s my skin i will spend as much as needed.

Thank you for reading my review i hope you all enjoyed reading as much as i enjoyed trying this product. The next scent i am eager to try is the pink grapefruit shower gel i do hope to try all of the range and will be reviewing more in the future.


As always i would recommend for people to follow the company on social media platform’s to keep up to date with new product launches, new’s, information, competition’s etc.

Website: http://www.originalsource.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OriginalSource.GB

Twitter: https://twitter.com/originalsource

Instagram: https://instagram.com/weareoriginalsource/

Thank you for reading everyone as always i would love to hear more feedback or any favorites from my lovely follower’s!


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