Soap & Glory The Best! Gift Set:

Hello everyone today i am going to be reviewing the soap and glory set i purchased from Boot’s (a little treat for my birthday) 😉


I purchased the Soap & Glory set for £15.00 which to me is a very reasonable price for 5 fantastic product’s! i have never met a women who does not like / love Soap and Glory i have been a big fan for year’s i always get a new gift set for my Birthday & Christmas as what better way to pamper your skin with lush product’s.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 50ml: 


Firstly i am going to be writing my reviews on the righteous butter this was the first product i tried and i was not disappointed! i have been applying a generous amount to my face / body after my shower / bath every night as it is advised to apply to damp skin. Within second’s i can feel the cream moisturizing into my skin so the product’s do certainly work although i new how great they was already 🙂

This product has a lovely aroma which can only be described as a leafy green scent with a floral and fruity middle note that make’s your nose tingle a little but after using this product for the last week my skin has been a lot more softer / smoother and hydrated along with feeling so much healthier! i have not had any spot’s since using Soap & Glory product’s so every product is worth the money as you can see a quick result.


Overall i am really happy with this product this is the first time i have used the righteous butter and it will not be the last time. I am now looking into a bigger product so i will not run out, the body butter is available in a 300ml tub in Boot’s for just £10.50 which to me is worth every penny this is a high quality product that you would have to try to believe you can find out more information about Soap & Glory righteous butter or to make a purchase you can do so by clicking here

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel 500ml: 

My second favorite product is the clarifying shower gel i absolutely love my bath product’s so when i spotted this product i could not wait to use as i have never used Soap & Glory shower gel so it was exciting for me to try.


The Soap & Glory shower gel was a 75ml size product which lasted me around 6-7 day’s i added a generous amount to my sponge and washed as normal but nothing was normal about this product the whole experience has been fantastic! the scent is again beautiful. This product also has a bonus not only is it a shower gel but it also has a built in body lotion so not only can you stay clean but you can also moisturize all of your skin which keep’s your skin soft, smooth and sexy!


The shower gel does not irritate my skin like most product’s that i have used that have been on the more expensive side so i was very happy about that, i have heard some review’s about people using this product and then spot’s appear after a few day’s but this product has really helped my spot’s i understand a product will not suit everyone but luckily i seen a big benefit from using this shower gel.

The clarifying shower gel is available in a 500ml bottle in Boot’s for just £6.50!! wow, the bottle’s have the pump top’s which are easier to apply and also you don’t have to worry about squeezing that last bit of out the tube the pump make’s life so easier so i would purchase a full size of this product, to find out more information, review’s or to make a purchase you can do so by clicking here you will not be disappointed.

Soap & Glory Hand Food 50ml: 

The next product in my gift set was the hand food i was so excited to try this too as my hand’s have been feeling really dry and my skin feel’s flaky hence trying lot’s of different product’s only a few have worked for me but i have seen a huge result from using this hand food.


My favorite thing about this product is the fact it is packed with original super smoothing shea butter, macadamia oil and mallow extract to soften and rejuvenate hand’s. The scent is a lovely signature rose and bergamot  for people who follow my review post’s you will be aware of how much i love my rose scented product’s and this product did not let me down.

I have been applying a small amount to the palm’s of my hand’s every morning / day and night around 3 time’s per day within 2 day’s my hand’s where a lot more shinier, softer and silkier this is a non greasy product i hate the product’s that leave a greasy feeling on your skin so this is another positive review.

Overall i am really happy with this product it has helped my hand’s so much and i now feel a lot more healthier and not as embarrassed because of my skin peeling this product was the perfect cure! after nearly 5 day’s of using the hand food i still have 3/4 left which is great considering the bottle is only a 50ml. Once i run out i will without a doubt be purchasing the bigger bottle which again is the pump-bottle and is available in a 250ml bottle for just £7.00!! this is worth every penny too as you can tell just from a short term use the ingredient’s packed inside are high quality and such a well made hand food.


To find out more information about Soap & Glory hand food or to read more review’s / make a purchase you can do so by clicking here i can only say you will not regret it.

Soap & Glory Scrub On Your Life Body Butter 50ml: 

The last product in my gift set was the scrub on your life body butter i have already been using the righteous butter but i have been applying this product to different area’s of my skin to see a better result.


The body butter is a thick & foamy product stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing bead’s (which i was not too happy about as the micro bead’s which are harmful) scented with Soap & Glory’s Pink fragrance. On the back of the product it as advised to shower first and wet down, turn off the water squeeze out a handful and smooth into the skin i scrubbed the soap until i was satisfied then rinsed thoroughly.

I have used this product twice and unfortunately it was not for me reading that the body butter has micro bead’s did put me off so i can not do a full honest review after 2 time’s using it. ( I would really appreciate any feedback on this product ) so other’s can also see if the product is good or bad but i will not be using again.


You can also read more review’s, find out more information about this product and other Soap & Glory product’s and also make a purchase by clicking here a 200ml size product is available on their website for only £7.00.

Overall i was really happy with the product’s in my set this is one of my favorite buy’s this year what girl does not like Soap & Glory!! i have been a big fan for year’s but most of these product’s i have never used before so it was great trying and experimenting to see how well the benefit’s was.

A little information taken from Soap & Glory’s website: 

Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006*, when we started formulating fun, fearlessly world-class products to give every girl THE BEST BANG FOR HER BEAUTY BUDGET.

Within weeks of our first launch, the word – and the gloss – on almost everybody’s lips was our (now iconic) super-plumping SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™. Soon after, our all-time, dry-skin classic – THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ – was voted Britain’s Best Body Butter and our MAKE YOURSELF YOUTHFUL™ anti-aging peptide serum took The Times Beauty Awards Gold Star. The bar was set high. And every single Soap & Glory product that followed has been brilliant.

Now proud purveyor of an absolutely fabulous full range of beauty, body and bath-stuffs, we recommend putting your products on with happiness and abandon, because we believe WHILE BEAUTY ABSOLUTELY MATTERS, IT DOESN’T MATTER ABSOLUTELY.

*And we’re now supporting many other countries’ cleans too. (Our mothers brought us up to share the goodies.)

** As featured on ‘How to Look Good Naked’ 3.1.2008.

Thank you for reading everyone i hope you enjoyed my review as always i would love to hear more feedback, do you have a favorite Soap & Glory product? i will as always link information and website’s for you to stay in contact on social media page’s and there website for latest new’s, competition’s, new launches etc.








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