Palmolive Natural’s Pampering Touch Review:

Hello everyone,

I do apologise again for the lack of post’s on my blog i have been having family problem’s but everything is now sorted and i will certainly be reviewing and posting lot’s more!

Today i am going to be reviewing my favorite shower gel of the week which this week is Palmolive which is a lovely coconut scent! i absolutely love coconut scented product’s they all smell lush so when i seen this particular shower gel i did not hesitate to purchase straight away.

I have been using Palmolive shower gel for many year’s now but i do like trying and reviewing new product’s so i never seem to stick to a certain shower gel or bubble bath although i do love original source and always seem to go back to my favorite.

However since using Palmolive my skin has felt a lot more smoother and healthier i do tend to stick to product’s that are not rich ingredient’s as i have sensitive skin but i have never had any problems or bad experience’s with Palmolive.


From the moment i opened this product i knew i would not regret it, i was greeted with a lovely burst of coconut which almost smell’s good enough to eat! i have tried many of Palmolive’s range but the coconut scent is my favorite by far you would have to try the product to see how great it is.

The benefit’s i have had from using this shower gel is amazing not only because it smells divine but because of the rich velvety formula which helps moisturise your skin and leave’s it feeling soft and smooth.


Palmolive shower gel’s are enriched with extract’s and 100% natural origin of coconut and Aloe Vera its rich velvety formula gently caresses your skin,

Overall i am really happy with this product and the best thing is the shower gel’s can be purchased from most store’s from as little as 80p!! this is a bargain for such a great product and i would highly recommend to anybody there is a wide range of Palmolive product’s available i do also use hand washes etc.

Thank you for reading my review everyone as always i will link all information / website’s below!



Has any of my other lovely follower’s had any experience with Palmolive or do you have a favorite product? as always i would love to hear more review’s and feedback weather good or bad! 🙂

i was under no obligation to write my Palmolive review i simply love reviewing all product’s and if there is a product i love i always write a review to share feedback with other’s.


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